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  • Life Coaching - Getting Sure Your Dreams

    Life Coaching - Getting Sure Your Dreams

    The initial step to creating the life of your dreams is to define it. It may seem obvious, but exactly how can you shoot for a better life if you do not know what it appears like. I understand a number of you are saying, I understand what I want, I would like more money, a better job, deeper more satisfying relationships, a big beautiful new house. All that is great, but how precise is your meaning of all of this? How much money is more money $10, $100, $1000? What does a deeper more satisfying relationship seem like for you? What does that new home seem like, where's it and who's living in it along with you?

    However, some of you might have the task of being unsure of what you want whatsoever. You have become accustomed to the life that you're living that you don't know what is missing from your life you simply know you want something more. At this time your dream is to just have a dream, and that's fine too.

    Clarity may be the name of the game. If you actually want to create the lifetime of your dreams, you must first know in rich clarity what you would like. You must name it to claim it. Your brain is a goal achieving organ. It strives to offer the vivid goals that you think about consistently on the moment to moment basis. The problem with many people isn't that they do not have goals, however they don't have clear concise goals. Their goals are vague and thus their brain doesn't understand what to aim for to achieve the goal and they also get vague results leaving them frustrated and disillusioned about what is actually possible for them in their life.

    Begin creating the life span you've been desiring right now. Take out a journal or notebook and start dreaming. What do you really want? Write it down. What color may be the new car you want? Where's your dream home located? The length of it? Does it have a pool, or a big backyard? What about that dream job or business? What's happening? Who are you doing the work with? How much money are you earning monthly, weekly, daily? How are you adding to the world?

    By being clear about what you need to create in your life you can begin today on designing the life you've always dreamt of and making it happen. You are able to take the invisible world of your imagination and transform it into the visible world of your reality.

    Added by Jason & Mitchell on Sat, Jun 30th 2012